cap-1Our Make My Move Easy move coordinator can make your life a lot easier by organizing all aspects of your family/individual or business move.

Based on your specific requirements, our move coordinator will:

1. Estimate the cost based on a fixed or hourly rate;
2. Perform contract and cost negotiation for larger scale relocations;
3. Calculate the required amount of time to complete the move;
4. Provide final payment information – upon hiring determine payment method;
5. Establish relocation date according to the client’s needs (if applicable);
6. Determine the appropriate dynamics with experienced driver & move professionals;
7. Meet all client care duties, including answering client questions or concerns, and providing solutions should any challenges arise;
8. In cases where applicable, be on the job managing the crew and communicating with the client directly;
9. Orchestrate the proper driving route between pick-up and destination points;
10. View the destination location and determine the most efficient access point, and course of unload;
11. Upon completion, facilitate final payment.

In the event of a packing project, we suggest having the move coordinator come and view the amount of items you have and assess the details of your move.
You can go to our Packing Services page to learn more about what we provide.

Our move coordinators are versatile in experience and will not hesitate to physically get involved and help out in situations where:
– Additional elements have been added through the course of the move that may extend the time.
– There is important, delicate, and high monetary value items involved.
We want to ensure your belongings are handled with proper care.

We are capable of taking on the most challenging relocation project.

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